Involving People has been set up to support and encourage patient, service user and carer involvement in health and social care research in Wales.

By involvement in research we mean active involvement, where people are not just the subjects of research but are working with researchers to plan, manage, carry out and present research. This could mean checking patient leaflets, discussing research ideas and priorities, giving a carer’s perspective on an issue or helping to spread the results of research.

We encourage involvement in research by:

  • Coordinating opportunities for patients, carers and service users to get involved, providing information, support and training.
  • Providing researchers with advice on best practice and linking them with patients, carers, service users who are prepared and willing to get involved.

We believe that involving people leads to research that is more relevant to people’s needs and concerns, is more reliable and is more likely to be used to improve health and social care services.

If you would like to get involved, please Contact Us.